Sri Lanka Attractions

Known as the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, Sri Lanka, is full of many interesting attractions sites and surroundings for any type of traveller or tourist. Some visit as nature lovers and some are bent on historical places of importance. And some others simply wish to bask in the sun particularly in the beautiful golden beaches around the country. Still there those who have an affinity to cultural and aesthetic aspects. 

There are medical tourists now who look for ayurvedic treatments and spas. When seasons in their own country do not serve good, some come to Sri Lanka, a tropical country during such times. We see also tourists mostly students from university, spend a holiday for research and theses. Then there are the business travellers on serious corporate assignments but make the most of it with tour itineraries as well.

Whatever the reason maybe, the Sri Lankan tourism industry comprising government and private sectors working hand-in-hand put their best foot forward to ensure the visitors the optimum pleasure-filled stay with competent pricing and value for money offers. Hence, the island always occupies top positions in rankings among many countries when speaking of tourism and hospitality. This hallmark trait could be seen wherever you visit.



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