Kithulgala white waters

Kithulgala white waters

As a contrast to the sun soaked beaches the interior Sri Lanka has much to enjoy but in a different clime. A two-hour drive toward the inland from the hot and humid Colombo you enter one of the Rain patches of the Island and that is Kitulgala. As the Kelani river passes by, the area is dense with foliage benevolently providing the cool shades for trekking and adventure camping.

However, what make the place tempting are the rapids of the river at different points that have boosted white water rafting thrills. Locals and foreigners rush to the aqua sport and recreation in numbers. The leisure and pleasure derived are inexpressible the visitors remark. Even children enjoy these under safe hands. Earlier, it was only known as the filmed location for the globally famed ‘Bridge on the River Kwai’ film. But only the foundation of the bridge remains now.

Within this jungle there are a lot of opportunities to indulge in recreational activities such as trekking, biking, bird watching, while camping. Besides, in water you could have a boat ride, jumping joys, river bathing, raftin of sorts and water fall abseiling (sliding down on a fixed rope) etc.

Camps erected like makeshift tents are well illuminated n the night and the tour operators organize BBQ’s as well. But if in a hurry, one could return to Colombo within 5-6 hors i.e. a much less than a half-day so as to catch up with the rest of the itinerary of the day.