Negombo Fishing hub

Negombo Fishing hub

Tourists immediately recognize Negombo as the Katunayake International airport where they arrive is very close. Better known as the little Rome of Sri Lanka, this western port is reputed for the aggressive fishing activities that take place and the many varieties of fish, canals and a lagoon with rich bio-diverse characteristics.

Bu the fish market in the town gets the pride among others. It is a bustling activity and as a tourist it shouldn’t disturb because it goes on and on regardless. The hub is by the side of the Dutch Gate and it is the second largest in the country. Do bear with the smell of fish and the fisher folk’s attire, noise and lingo, for that is their unique disposition. It is an exposure no doubt.

Hundreds of fishing boats of all types keep berthing in with the day’s catch and buyers try and bargain for value for money. The local community are well informed of the variety and quality of the fish. Along with you will find wholesalers from other areas beside small time vendors too negotiating their lot. So, it is a hive of marketing in every respect.
This also goes to say that the hotels and eateries are full of seafood menus. The lagoon also yields tasty kinds of fish and aqua-species and are served on the tables such as the tiger shrimp, prawn, lobster & crab. The range of both sea and lagoon fish includes herring, giant tuna, sea bass, barracuda, skipjack, mackerel, salmon, mullet, swordfish,  sailfish, shark as well as squid (calamari), cuttlefish and much more delectable kinds.

The beach obviously is a place to view the fishing boats (Oruwa’s) and trawlers moving out and in which is a great sight. And then there is for the tourists especially a boat trip along the canal and the mangroves that are full of water-life such as monitor lizards and also the numerous big and small birds. The March known as Muthurajawela is now a research field for marine and aqua biologists for its rare species of water plants.