Museums in Sri Lanka

Museums in Sri Lanka

Artefacts, antiques and souvenirs that have historical and sentimental values are preserved in museums all over the world. Sri Lanka too has endeavoured to preserve those under the purview of the Governmental authorities. These are not private collections. The Colombo National Museum is in Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha, Colombo 7 i.e. in the Metro’s centre. National Heritage items and articles are found in here. The science section features plants and animals that are extinct or endangered plus geological rocks.

Down in the Southern City of Galle, it is mainly or in fact totally related to the Dutch period architecture and lifestyle. The Hollanders have left such an indelible footprint of their culture, religion, pottery, instruments and infrastructure not only in Galle but around the Island, it was necessary for the government to establish this museum. Galle also is the home for the Maritime Museum, which was refurbished after the disaster caused by Tsunami with the assistance of the Government of Holland.

The Kandy museum leverages the past and the last Sinhalese Royalty and the kingdom Words do not suffice to elaborate but in gist, it is an exposition of lifestyles and culture that existed during that era (17th -19th C). If one has to have a vivid picture of the pre British and colonial days of Sri Lanka, this is the spot to be and spend a few hours. It boasts about 5000 exhibits of yore.

Apart, there are a few other cities that have important collections for tourists who have a flair for historical evidence of many aspects such as the Anuradhapura Folk Museum and the Hoods Tower Museum of Naval artillery in Trincomalee. Both these are of immense importance in history hand have interesting stories behind them.