Sigiriya, the Rock Fortress

Sigiriya, the Rock Fortress

Situated within the cultural triangle is the Sigiriya Rock Fortress near the city, Dambulla. It needs special mention here as the archaeological efforts have unravelled a marvel of engineering and water systems having been also a defense fortress to the secluded palace of a 5thC King, Kasyappa. He became unpopular since usurping the throne of his father by murdering his father. So, this was supposed to be his hideout palace as the Buddhist clergy detested him for the evil. He himself was killed later and the kingdom around this Rock came to an abrupt end in 1150AD.

Nevertheless the splendour of this fortress that has been a creation of an astute mind is what is spoken about globally. The architecture is unsurpassed by any other in the contemporary history. The rock palace is approached by flight of steps carved out on it and at the entrance are sculptured lions flanking both sides. Some say that the art resembles those of found in India and hence the assumption is this monarch did have friends in the larger nation. Probably because, it was the cultural and business interaction in those eras.

Apart, many murals with painted depiction of celestial beings in the form of women according to lore are still there to admire. Besides, the separate sections to bathe and socialize could be seen from the built structures of the palace and also the walkways to each section suggesting that there have been promenades and gardens up there. The conduits for water and irrigation too are fascinating as well considering the fact they were the brainchild of a 5th C planning, the type which in fact were never heard a century back. These and many other aspects make Sigiriya a must visit site for a tourist.