Hospitals in Sri Lanka

Hospitals in Sri Lanka

No matter where you go, health is a priority. Especially when travelling around from place to place, country to country, the fatigue and changes of climate could cause adverse effects on the body outside and within, if no adequate precaution is taken. For this reason many advanced medical centres open its service to tourists providing international standard treatments that are administered by highly qualified and reputed doctors and consultants. Sri Lanka proudly claims many such doctors who even periodically travel abroad to render unique medical services and operations.

In Colombo there a many such institutions such as the Nawaloka, Lanka Hospitals, Durdens, Hemas, Asiri, Oasis etc,  among the private in addition to the well equipped, government hospitals such as the General Hospital and Sri Jayawardene Hospital all within easy reach The websites will provide wider information of these hospitals as well as the list of reputed surgeons and specialists.

In these, the intensive care units, neurological units, Accident and emergency wards, cardiology and kidney care units etc are all fuly equipped with state-of-the-art instruments and machines. Sri Lanka is therefore has become a medical tourism destination over the decade. Most major cities have these facilities and therefore while on tour in any eventuality, you could consult and be treated with utmost care.

Besides these western medical institutions there are a number of ayurvedic centres as an alternative in many parts of the country. The Chinese acupuncture too is thriving all over. It would be a good advice if you could work out with your tour operator with regards to medical service appointments while arranging the tour itineraries just in case it is needed. Check with them about medical insurance as well. while processing the visas.