Gems and Jewellery

Gems and Jewellery

Sri Lanka, the pearl of the Indian ocean is synonymous with world’s best kind of gems or precious stones. Blue Sapphires, Red Rubies, Tourmalines, Topaz and Amethysts and many other glittering natural stones are mined here. Ratnapura is the major city for such harvest besides a few other places. This city’s name itself is thus called the city of Gems in Sinhala. Sri Lankan’s Blue Sapphire adorns even the British Crown.

The state authority namely, the National Gem and Jewellery Authority undertakes to authenticate the genuine stones both for export and domestic industry. Hence, none can afford to hoodwink. Gem cutting factories are established here and there for a fine finish of these raw stoned from the ground beneath.

Many are superstitious about precious stones. They believe in fortune while wearing them and it is the trend in most Asian culture. As such the trading of these precious elements has a ready market. Plenty of shops line up in the cities which also combine with jewellery products either of gold or silver.

These brilliant and beautiful stones put the imitations that fill many outlets elsewhere in Asia to shame. Hence, the tourists should personally meet and examine them at the registered gem shops that are almost in every star hotel or in the vicinity. Here again certain restrictions are imposed when exporting so advice is to be sought form relevant authorities prior to purchasing them.

Jewellery likewise also is a top of the mind commodity. When it is marriage, the brides are adorned by exquisite, usually custom made and designed ornaments. The artisans turn out fantastic and splendid craftsmanship most of them coming down generations of particular family line. Such names are sought after by many in this market. Jewellery at times is further enhanced by embedding gem stones whether it is a necklace, earring, rings, tiara etc.