Schools and Universities

Schools and Universities

Sri Lanka secures the top of the literacy ranking in Asia since education is given priority. The number of schools in all the provinces both for girls and boys together with universities and tertiary institutions in most parts bear testimony for this claim. While the majority are Sinhalese, a good proportion is Tamil speaking. But he business language or for international interaction English is imperative and thus it is read, spoken and written by a good lot of people, young and old.

At high schools the medium is any local dialect in State schools but English in some schools are partly used. Many private schools follow the same as the state curricula but English is also emphasized much. During the last 3 decades or so International Schools have sprung up Islandwide in order to cater to global standard requirements as many have the ambition of continuing their higher studies abroad and also due to the presence of many expatriates who come for employment or services to Sri Lanka. For example, in Colombo British International School, Asian international school, American College etc, are a few amongst many. And in other major cities too such institutions exist teaching either British or American Syllabus.

The universities in Sri Lanka have been reckoned as some of the best in Asia for many years particularly the ones at Peradeniya, Kandy and Colombo University. All the main faculties function in them qualifying the entrants to higher degrees so as to pursue careers medicine, engineering, business, IT etc. Some of them go to prestigious universities in Developed countries to further their intellect.
Private universities too are established with permits from teh government encouraging foreign students as well to be enrolled.

Besides there are many IT and Business Studies institutes of global recognition and accreditation. And the market is vibrant in this field. All these educational institutions increase the standards of education in the nation. A visitor to Sri Lanka can easily access these institutes via the web.