Sri Lanka Hotels

Those who do not like lengthy itineraries, or to ravage and pack their bags again and again during the holidays but enjoy the beach and the pool, or landscape of tea plantations and jungles of Sri Lanka, all of these are offered by “Elephant Tours” with alternative ways of tour around this enchanting island.
You can choose hotels on the spectacular beaches, with a possibility of involving a short visit within a day to nature reserves, river safaris, or city tours and shopping in the capital Colombo. Some of the hotels are located in the heart of Sri Lanka’s tea region, where travellers are offered a variety of options such as trekking, bike tours, bird’s excursion and horse rides during an ideal climate for these prevailing the whole year.
If you prefer to stay at in the heart of the famous reserves of Sri Lanka – there are convenient and comfortable hotels on the rainforest landscape of the Sinharaja Rain Forest. There is no need to look for the animals here. They will reach you by themselves. You can always diversify Safari Jeeps or a foot trek and return to the hotel for rest.
For admirers of ancient cultures we have chosen hotels in the heart of the cultural triangle, where you can enjoy the reminiscent structures of ancient capitals of Sri Lanka hidden in the heart of the jungle and also nature reserves around Sigiriya.
All hotels are with spa and with an option for Ayurvedic treatments and other different massages. 
All packages include transfers to hotel and back. 
All that remains is to choose the right hotel for you. Contact Us – And your trip to Sri Lanka is already in your email.



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