Serene pavillions, Waduwa

Serene pavillions, Waduwa

33km south of Colombo, Wadduwa is one of the recent sensational coastal areas for tourist hotels in Sri Lanka. Being accessible by the coastal train and direct cab service form the Air Port, it gradually built up attracting the locals and now is a heaven for many a holiday and leisure resort for all as the sandy beaches along the coast is alluring. Amongst these are the said clustered12 pavilions from where enriching bewitching sea front views in addition to the world class hospitality entice holiday makers. And of course it is the convergent point for many kinds of safaris.

Privacy and tranquility is the twin luxury, the hallmark of this secluded area where only those above 15 are welcome in these 12 luxury pavilions. With private living and dining arenas the pavilion concept is one of a kind. Personalized butler service and plunge pools make it a true secluded leisure experience. But there is a large outdoor swimming pool as well complemented with a gym, Ayurvedic spa, restaurant and bar with branded beverages. A wide range of delectable dishes complete the package.

The Pavilions are classified as Garden Pavilions, Family Pavilions and Ocean Pavilions with a few variations between them. In all these, the modern amenities such as marbled washrooms, Wi-Fi enabled rooms, Jacuzzi and separate shower enclosures etc, are afforded. And there is the ‘Club House’ consisting of a hair salon, Nail Spa, Jewelry Shop and even a Reading Room for contemplation or mind rejuvenation by the solitary self.

Address: No: 20, Upali Mawatha, Wadduwa 12560