Amusement Parks

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A modern concept, the theme park has come to stay in the fun life of masses of Sri Lanka as in many developing countries.  It adds lustre to tourism as well as especially those who travel with kids and the young. Hence, many star hotels around the Island have a moderate theme and amusement zone as well.

But the one called Seethawaka Leisure World Theme Park at Avissawela amid Tea and Rubber plantations adjoining an Industrial zone is teeming with visitors from all over mainly for the water world within an area of 52 acres. Trained hands and instructors are at your service. So, there is no cause for worry or nervousness.
Lake rides with paddle boat as and other types of boat riding enthral the participants. And then the range from Multi lane to free falls to Lazy River further thrills a water sport lover. Exclusive Kids’ and Ladies Pools too add to the excitement.

This being so, in Colombo the metro, it is the Excel World that entices the recreation lovers of this kind. Bowling (12 lanes), Pool, Laser game centres, a 4D simulation motion theatre that mostly plays space fiction thrills and other adventures attract the crowd of families and kids especially.
As for a nature theme park, the best haunt just about less than an hour form Colombo along the northern coast that is on the Negombo Road is the Guruge Nature Park, the first of its kind. It contains the amusement with water thrills plus excitement of history retro that reminisces 547 BC. Teh locals and foreigners flock heavily during weekends. One of the many attractions is a Gem Museum with archives of Sri Lankan Gems in history along with replica of a Sri Lankan Village and the Adam’s Peak. Animals contribute to the excitements and many school excursion agenda include Guruge Theme Park as a component for educational purposes as well.