Shopping – Dress Points

Shopping - Dress Points

Clothes and apparel business can never die anywhere and they are thriving rapidly. New outlets and factories open almost every month.  As long as there is a bustling fashion industry and a media hype on the latest designs folk flock at every possible clothes mart and the tourist too is busy looking for the best on tour. Sri Lanka thus has a great appeal for quality designed clothes in all the major cities for any segment.

If in Colombo, walk into the Majestic City at Bambalapitiya and Liberty Plaza at Colpetty shopping complexes for this purpose. But some of exclusive popular dress-points are in vogue are Odel (near the Town Hall), Mondy, House of Fashion, Fashion Bug etc. These outlets have a way with them in getting the a la mode stuff for affordable prices that include shirts, skirts, trousers, denims and all that fall within the modern clothing category . Handloom items are a specialty at The Barefoot gallery (Colpetty) among many products of sentimental value especially for the tourists as souvenirs. Handlooms are an age old art craft in Sri Lanka that has a range between ordinary towels to sarongs to even full length dresses.

As a tourist you might be interested in Batiks. These are originally Indonesian but have take root in the Sri Lankan Apparel industry. They are touted in almost every hotel area by individuals and boutiques. Lovely designs especially depicting the country’s traditions and art go into these outfits. Generally, all graded hotels have shops within their premises for clothes that would benefit the travellers.