Safari Tours in Sri Lanka

Safari Tours in Sri Lanka

In Sri Lanka there are 92 types of mammals, 242 kinds of butterflies, 435 types of birds, 107 types of fish and 81 types of snakes in Sri Lanka. Immense wealth of fauna is not restricted to nature reserves, and it isn’t rare to see a giant lizard which crosses the road. Also butterflies, birds, weasels and monkeys are a frequent sight. And don’t forget to see the herds of wild elephants, tigers and bears. We recommend visiting safari in one of the many nature reservations scattered on the island.
In fact, a quarter of Sri Lanka’s territory is still covered by natural forest and also there are many various reservations on the island. We will focus on the most familiar and touristic, but with pleasure we will make you for travelling nature admires tours of every month. All nature reservations, forests and lagoon offer a spectacular abundance of Sri Lanka.

The Yala National park and Horton plains

Yala National park is located in the south – eastern of the island. It is a good place to watch herds of elephants and tigers, reptiles and birds. Park was originally a hunting area, and in 1938 it was declared as a national park. It is divided into five main areas; the one we are going to investigate is West Yala. The latter is home to 35 tigers that are a species endemic to Sri Lanka, and to 135 species of birds. Many of them escaped the harsh European winter for the island of prevailing eternal summer. Landscape is similar to the African Savannah, with lakes and rocky areas.
Reservation of Horton plains is located on the south of the island, not far from Nuwara Eliya. Plateau, high above 2000 feet, contains the world’s ancient forest that seems to be emerged from the legends. The whole walking route area is separated on different levels of difficulty, mountain bikes, horses and more.

Minneriya National park and Sinharga

MInneriya National park populates a herd of 150 wild elephants, along with monkeys, deer and tigers. Recommended season is June to September. In the dry season when water reservoirs are shallow you can watch birds and deer herds.
This reserve is the last remnant rainforest from those that were covered the entire island in the past.
Trees, that rises to 45 feet, cast a shadow over most of the day. In this amazing forest you can find rare orchids, ferns and birds and tigers. Here nearby live a rare herd of elephants, the lasts of life in such rainforest. 217 tree species, 45 species of snakes and huge amount of sediments up to 5000 mm per year create a jungle impressive and impassible. With a qualified guide you can get a unique experience as a nature and plants lover.

Wilpattu National Park

Wilpattu national park lies on the north – west of the island and recently opened again to the general public and tourists. Tour at the park is recommended by vehicles 4×4, and it is recommended the tour to the cultural triangle. Today, with proper coordination and training, you can enjoy the huge reservation in which you can see tigers, elephants, crocodiles and many birds.
Preferred season is from January to May