Paradise Island Resort & Spa

Paradise Island Resort & Spa

Five-star hotel, called by the locals “Lankapenolo” has the same name with the island. It was opened in 1994 and renovated in 2006. It is located on the island Lankapenolo in the eastern part of the Northern Male, approximately -9.5 km from the airport. This tiny island has the length of 1 km and width of 230 meters with the surrounding reef, which is ideal environment for snorkel diving.
It’s known as one of the leading deluxe hotels in Maldives. Clear water, white sand and a lot of activities for the tourists are provided. The island is located near one of the finest surfing areas that can be reached from hotel by a short cruise.
Room Types
Super deluxe – rooms located opposite the beach. Include air conditioning, telephone, TV, mini-bar, balcony attached tan, hot and cold water.
Water Bungalow – the elite of the hotel rooms. Unique interior design. With king-size beds, air conditioning, hot and cold water, telephone, quick and easy access to the beach which is ideal for the snorkel diving.

Restaurants and bars:
Japanese/ Italian Restaurant. Open for 24 hours. A style a-la-Jakarta, with a café and a diverse buffet. During the meal time you can enjoy a great selection of seafood, meats and delicacies of the world.
Bars open 24 hours a day offering a fine selection of cocktails and alcohol, a dance floor with a DJ at parties for wee hours.

Hotel Facilities
There are opening drinks, web services and the bank, a clinic with a doctor nearby, sauna, steam bath, massage area, laundry service, porters, safe at reception, a swimming pool, children’s pool, Jacuzzi, basketball and volleyball courts, gift baskets and champagne celebrating honeymoon , gold or silver wedding anniversary.

Address: Kaafu Atoll, Maldives