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Kosher Food
For religious or traditional traveler we offer a unique possibility of kosher food supply throughout the trip. The food will be prepared at the Chabad of Sri Lanka, would be packed double aluminum casing and dinner will be provided to travelers warm, nutritious and kosher.
In advance hikers can choose from the main course, side dish and salads for every day, according to the personal taste.
Up to the traveler’s request breakfast and lunch also can be provided. The Chabad House will be happy to help and advice on any question about kosher, to ensure tasty and kosher holiday.

Main Course:
* Chicken Schnitzel
*Chinese pop-up chest
* Schnitzel fish
* Spicy Moroccan fish
Spicy oven musht fish

Side dish:
Rice with vegetables *
Spaghetti *
Steamed vegetables
Oven potatoes and pumpkin
Couscous with Vegetables Soup

Beet Salad
Egg salad
Tuna Salad
Roasted eggplant in mayonnaise
Eggplant and peppers in lemon and garlic
Moroccan Carrot



Business meal: main course + salad + extra + roll - $ 25

* for groups over 10 hikers a special discount.



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