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Maldives islands are one of the world's unique resorts. White beaches adorned with coconut palms, clear water, and rich underwater world for the diving enthusiasts, water sports, fishing, and especially the world's most beautiful landscapes and hotels.
Sri Lanka is a convenient springboard for air travelers to Maldives. There are several daily flights, Colombo to Male capital of Maldives (45 minutes flight) and from there you can get a speedboat or seaplane to the islands reservations.

Packages include a flight to Colombo, Maldives flight transfer, transfer from Male resort hotel (based on all-inclusive or full board), and back the same route to home.
It can be recommended to combine the Maldives with Sri Lanka according to time and budget that is at your disposal.




The hotel is located on the island Ziaraposhi, at the northern lagoon of Male. The island, which is shaped as triangle, offers excellent diving sites, and those who are seeking peace and silence will find here a wide beach of clear water. It is recommended to select the program "All Inclusive" that the hotel offers and go out on a diving in the area.

Hotel Dining Rooms and services:
There are 92 standard rooms located near the beach. Furnished (including king-size beds), air-conditioned. Hot and cold water. Terrace is nearby.
16 water villas are located over the lagoon. Bath, hot and cold water, mini-bar, safe, TV, telephone are available. In the rooms with glass floor you can see the fish through the floor right out of the room.

Restaurants and bars:
In the program "All Inclusive" you will get an American breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks between 4 to 6 p.m., coffee, tea, natural juices, wine, brandy, whiskey, rum and vodka without limitation (until midnight). Each guest will enjoy free snorkeling hour (not including accessories).

Facilities include:
Diving with balloons, snorkeling, windsurfing, Catamaran, sailboat, canoe, water skiing, sailing on a banana, badminton.


Hidden among hundreds of islands, this hotel is located on one of the small lagoons surrounded by beautiful white sands. It is a dream for admires of quiet beaches, ideal for scuba diving enthusiasts and snorkel. There are 8 km from the airport.

Hotel Rooms Restaurants and services:
Standard - The rooms include a double bed, ceiling fan, hot and cold water, and shower.
72- Superior in room. Include: air conditioning, telephone, hairdryer, small fridge, and shower, hot and cold water.
16 -Water Bungalow in room. It is located above the lagoon. Designed and stylishly furnished and includes: air conditioning, telephone, hair dryer, bathtub and shower, safe, TV, glass floor for viewing the fish out of the room.

Restaurants and bars:
Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served on a diverse buffet. Bar and cafe service guests during the day.

Facilities include:
Table tennis, volleyball, badminton, Internet, windsurfing, canoe, bank services.


Five-star hotel, called by the locals "Lankapenolo" has the same name with the island. It was opened in 1994 and renovated in 2006. It is located on the island Lankapenolo in the eastern part of the Northern Male, approximately -9.5 km from the airport. This tiny island has the length of 1 km and width of 230 meters with the surrounding reef, which is ideal environment for snorkel diving.
It's known as one of the leading deluxe hotels in Maldives. Clear water, white sand and a lot of activities for the tourists are provided. The island is located near one of the finest surfing areas that can be reached from hotel by a short cruise.
Room Types
Super deluxe - rooms located opposite the beach. Include air conditioning, telephone, TV, mini-bar, balcony attached tan, hot and cold water.
Water Bungalow - the elite of the hotel rooms. Unique interior design. With king-size beds, air conditioning, hot and cold water, telephone, quick and easy access to the beach which is ideal for the snorkel diving.

Restaurants and bars:
Japanese/ Italian Restaurant. Open for 24 hours. A style a-la-Jakarta, with a café and a diverse buffet. During the meal time you can enjoy a great selection of seafood, meats and delicacies of the world.
Bars open 24 hours a day offering a fine selection of cocktails and alcohol, a dance floor with a DJ at parties for wee hours.

Hotel Facilities
There are opening drinks, web services and the bank, a clinic with a doctor nearby, sauna, steam bath, massage area, laundry service, porters, safe at reception, a swimming pool, children's pool, Jacuzzi, basketball and volleyball courts, gift baskets and champagne celebrating honeymoon , gold or silver wedding anniversary.



The largest hotel in Maldives, which is also one of the most beautifully designed resort hotels in the world, is located on the spectacular island named Nalagoradyahu, the largest reserve of the islands, surrounded by rich tropical greenery. It's located approximately -93 km from Male, in the heart of a quiet lagoon, located in South Lagoon "Ari". The Highest-level of rooms' selection.

Types of rooms:
Deluxe Room – These all are located on the beach. There are private balcony, internal and external shower, TV, Web. Telephone, mini-bar, air conditioning, hair dryer.
Super Deluxe Room - All rooms are located on the beach. Private balcony, internal and external shower, TV, Internet, telephone, mini-bar, air conditioning, hair dryer.
Water Bungalow - all the rooms are wooden built and luxurious with all amenities possible. Private balcony, internal and external shower, TV, Internet, phone. Mini-bar, air conditioning, hair dryer.

Hotel Facilities:
Tennis, basketball, volleyball, video games, squash, badminton, ping-pong, pool.
Water sports including diving school, windsurfing, Catamaran, Kano.
Huge swimming pool and swimming pool for children are located at the beach close to bars and to a variety of restaurants.
Weekly entertainment programmme includes a band, karaoke and dance parties until the wee hours. Local shows
Watching the dolphins from the boat at the morning time in the lagoon surrounding the island. The hotel staff will be happy to organize a fishing boat for you or Safaris Diving.
Discover the undersea world - the rich days of the Maldives dive snorkeling (including rental equipment), under supervision of certified instructors.
Fitness centre, sauna, massage.
Gift baskets and champagne celebrating a honeymoon, silver or gold wedding.

Bars and restaurants:
Maaniyaa Restaurant – is opened daily for the guests within service in "All Inclusive". Wide selection of food, wines and natural juices for 24 hours within a day.
Vani-coffee shop & Bar - for light meals. Wide selections of fresh seafood are presented by local fishermen. Ice Cream and great choice of dishes in the shade of the coconut trees are guaranteed.
Sun Star - Thai Restaurant & Bar - The restaurant is opened from 10:00 am to midnight and serves Thai dishes combined with fresh fish and seafood.
Southern Star Restaurant & Bar - Restaurant which provides personal service to customers. The best of Indian cuisine.
Guraamuli Grill - Meat and fish obtained today from the ocean are served grilled in a variety of unique dishes. Open until midnight.
Ristorante Al Pontile & Bar - Italian restaurant serving fresh food is the excellent choice due to the breathtaking view of the lagoon.
Mekunu main bar – is open round the clock. Provides with quality alcohol bar, tropical and international cocktails, world music and a dance floor.
Pool Bar / Beach Bar - two more bars for water amateurs, located near the pool and diving school.


The hotel is situated about 7 kilometers from the international airport of Male. Island, covered with rich natural tropical vegetation, is surrounded by white sands and the clear water of lagoon.
It was opened in 1972 and rebuilt in 2002. The construction was carried out with the observance of all ecological rules, combining the design on the hotel with the local landscape.
Types of rooms:
48- deluxe rooms- There are two rooms connected by internal door and spacious living room. Ideally suits families with small children. Include double beds, mini - bar, telephone, air conditioning, beach beds and chairs, shower with bath, hot water and cold, TV, safe, personal tea and coffee set.
12-Garden villas located in the centre of the island, immersed in natural greenery that surrounds the new swimming pool. It furnished with elegant wooden furniture. Each room has personal covered balcony including 4 king-size beds, mini-bar, telephone, air conditioning, hot and cold water, hairdryer, safe, personal tea and coffee set.
48- Jacuzzi Beach villas, built in 2005 on the North side of the island. On the ground floor there is a living room with a breathtaking view of sea, personal sun terrace, bedroom and Jacuzzi. Upstairs there are one bedroom, private balcony overlooking the sea. There are 4 king-size beds, mini-bar, telephone, air conditioning, beach beds and chairs, bedroom with shower bathroom, hairdryer, TV, safe personal tea and coffee set.
Water villa - two luxury villas are built for those who really want to be pampered. It's built in 2005. Living room’s view of the ocean is gorgeous and next to it there is a private sun terrace. There is a straight way to the beach from the bedroom. In the villa there are Jacuzzi, 4 king-size beds, mini-bar, telephone, air conditioning, beach chairs and beds, hot and cold water, hairdryer, TV, safe, coffee set and personal tea.
Restaurants and bars:
The Harbor – It is a new elegant restaurant, which allows enjoying the cool breeze from the sea. The restaurant specializes in grilled food, seafood, home-made pasta and a selection of steaks that depend on the invitation of dines. Skilled waiters' team will submit you a memorable meal in the moonlight.
Gallery Restaurant - The hotel's main restaurant is open around the clock for breakfast, lunch and dinner with a rich buffet.
Sea Breeze Coffee Shop - A new restaurant is built right on the water line, under the open air. Menu offers a - la - McCarty, spaghetti Bolognese, excellent selection of pizza and Indian cuisine dishes.
Sand Bar – is right on the water line, is open from 7:30 until the last customer. Here you can relax and enjoy a local band, karaoke and dancing until the wee hours. High quality music on a dance floor, it is located right on the white sand.
Paradise Bar - The bar is located by the swimming pool next to the sports club. It is a place to freshen up in tennis, volleyball or gym activity.
Sundowners - The bar is located on the eastern side of the island, close to the diving school. Open from 7:30 until 00:30 every day. Here you can enjoy tropical cocktails during sunset, or time intervals between dives.

Hotel Facilities:
Baby cribs, baby sitting, clinic with a doctor close, salon for beauty treatment and massage, Institute of aerobics, sauna, gym, bookstore, photo shop, internet cafe.
There is a possibility to rent boats and different sailing implements for a variety of sports.
Gift baskets and champagne can be given for celebrating a honeymoon, silver or gold wedding.
Reception and room service 24 hours within a day.



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