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Why Sri Lanka?
Anyone looking for a relatively pristine destination not overrun with western tourists, with a magnificent tradition of hospitality - will find it in Sri Lanka. The smile will stay with you long after you finish the trip here.
Anyone looking for a trip of value and content, with wild nature, mighty rivers, jungles, abundance of animals and an ancient developed civilization that developed more than 2,500 years will find it in Sri Lanka.
Those who have already visited India, Thailand and Far-East, who are looking for beautiful beaches, surfing, scuba diving, or active sports - will find them in Sri Lanka.
Those whom nature excites are welcomed to the country that managed to maintain its nature reserves filled with reptiles, mammals, predators and wild elephants.
Anyone looking for something else, something different and interesting - it's time to get to Sri Lanka.
Sri Lanka Extreme Tour
Sri Lanka is a paradise for seekers of extreme and unusual trips.
The wide rivers offer options for enthusiasts of kayaking, rafting and boating.
Mountains and cliffs offer many sites for climbing or abseiling at various levels.
Tea plantations area offers a route for mountain biking riders.
In the Jungle and reservations - plenty of options for the trips at the area as bike riding, Jeep or ATV. Riding the elephants.
The sea offers options for waves, wind, or Kate Surfing.
Hundreds of camps and lodging in tents or on the open air, waiting for you in nature that surrounds you from every side.
In our trip we collected for you a number of routes that combine various attractions. You can concentrate on one of the extreme sports depending on the request of the traveler.
Trips accompanied by trained and experienced instructors are safe and will bring you the most challenging pleasant and safe vacation.
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Honeymoon in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is an ideal destination for spending a honeymoon. The long beaches adorned with coconut palms unto the water line, spectacular sunsets of the Indian Ocean, Nature Reserves, jungles and tea plantations - these are the perfect atmosphere for the honeymoon, no flocks of tourists flooding to the other destinations. Here you will be really awarded by relaxation, peace and hotels with the first class service. If you choose a trip that includes a tour at the island, one of the beach or the mountains hotels - you are guaranteed an unforgettable honeymoon.
Each couple at their honeymoon will get a treatment in one of our treatment centers and luxury spa (for guests booking the honeymoon tour package), and a basket of sweets and champagne delivered in a room.
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Cultural Triangle
Why triangle and about what culture it will be told? - Asks the tourist. Triangle created by an imaginary line connecting the three ancient capitals of Sri Lanka. In the all three of them there are relics of a magnificent culture that included huge water reservoirs (which stored monsoon water and turned them for agricultural use and drinking, rather than flow into the sea), luxury mansions, temples and great fish. But our trip will not concentrate only on the history, but combine safaris, beaches and a tour around the island.
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Maldives Packages
Maldives islands are one of the world's unique resorts. White beaches adorned with coconut palms, clear water, and rich underwater world for the diving enthusiasts, water sports, fishing, and especially the world's most beautiful landscapes and hotels.
Sri Lanka is a convenient springboard for air travelers Maldives – there are several daily flights, Colombia to Male capital of Maldives (45 minute flight) and from there speedboat or seaplane to the islands reservations.
Packages include a flight to Colombo, Maldives flight transfer, transfer from Male resort hotel (based on all-inclusive or full board), and back the same route to home.
Can be recommended to combine the Maldives with Sri Lanka according to time and budget that is at your disposal.
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